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Welcome to the Internet ShowBusiness DataBase™, a place for all entertainment professionals in the motion picture, television and music industries.

ISBDB.com is for writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians, cinematographers, videographers, lighting directors, gaffers, grips, bests, and all manner of crew.

Motion pictures and television programs are being produced in every state in the USA and every nation on the globe. Introduce yourself to the world of production and let filmmakers and producers find you, no matter where you are…without the restrictions of a ‘pay for service’ site. We allow you to list your representation, resumes and reels for no charge. We want you to be found by the project of your dreams.

Register today and post your photos and resumes. You never know who may be looking for you!

Your suggestions and critiques are very important. We are only just beginning.

For months, we have been compiling motion picture and television program information from multiple sources, including print media and the web. Currently, ISBDB’s movie and television database contains millions of entries, served up with a robust search engine that we will be constantly improving upon.

Search for your favorite movies and television shows and get a complete cast list.

With the help of our members and continued research, our database will grow, adding more and more crew names, titles and job descriptions as time goes on.

Most importantly, join the ISBDB and list your own credits and publicize your contact information and representation so folks can find you!

The best thing: We will never charge you to list your information or post your photos!

JOIN UP! Click HERE to begin registration.

After becoming an ISBDB member, you will be authorized to view other members’ profiles, join in discussions on the ISBDB Forums (coming soon!) and contact other members.

We will have facilities for authorized folks to review movies, add movie posters and head shots.

In short, nothing gets built in a day and we are just not going to wait until the site has all the bells and whistles, so come on board and grow with us!

Search Away! (Only logged-in members can search for other members)

Currently you can search the databases for:

  • Motion Pictures
  • Television Programs
  • New Feeds
  • ISBDB Members (if you are a logged in member)

A soon as cast and crew databases are ready, those will become searchable, as well.

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